Effectiveness of CBD Oil Balms for Pain Relief

Cannabidiol Oil is a great pain reliever. More and more people have been swearing by its pain-relieving properties that CBD Oil as a pain killer has taken many forms already. One of the most popular ways CBD Oil provides pain relief is through Cannabidiol Oil-based balms.

CBD balm can be used during a pain-relieving massage.

So what are Cannabidiol Oil Based balms? These are balms that are used topically. It is applied in the painful area in the body, either for massaging or pure pain relief. It is much like a hardened oil-butter compound that spreads thinly unto the body. It is waxy and solidified, unlike oil-based ointments.

But how effective are these CBD balms?

CBD Balms are much like traditional balms commonly used in households for pains and insect bites. The unique thing about Cannabidiol Oil balms is it is infused with CBD Oil which is popularly known for its powerful pain-relieving properties.

Here are the ways Cannabidiol Oil helps relieve pain:

1. Cannabidiol Oil is Anti-Inflammatory. The cannabinoids found in CBD Oil tap the Endocannabinoid System, which in turn allows cells to respond against inflammation that causes pain. Once CBD oil enters the bloodstream and taps these receptors, the affected body part is relieved of pain.

2. CBD Oil affects serotonin levels. The serotonin is the body’s stress hormone. Upon entering the body, Cannabinoids found in Cannabidiol Oil taps the brain’s receptor that regulates the production of serotonin. By inhibiting the production of serotonin, the body is less stressed from the pain it is experiencing.

3. CBD inhibits the absorption of anandamide. Anandamide is a compound found in the body that is associated with pain regulation. When anandamide is not absorbed right away, pain perception is reduced. Upon consumption of CBD, whether orally or topically, the cannabinoids found in CBD Oil enters the bloodstream and taps the receptors that can help prevent anandamide from being absorbed by the body.

Here are some types of pain where CBD Oil balms can be useful:

1. Acute pain from injuries. Injuries can be painful. The excellent news is Cannabidiol balms can immediately provide relief in the affected area by merely applying a thin layer of the salve on it. The cannabinoids directly get into the bloodstream and inhibit further inflammation in the area.

2. Muscle pain. Muscle pain can be very uncomfortable. It can be temporary, but it can likewise be consistently painful, probably because of repetitive injuries or muscle overuse. Just use Cannabidiol Oil balm on the affected muscle area, and let this plant-based remedy work its wonders.

3. Stomach pain. Sometimes, stomach aches can be quite painful. Massaging CBD Oil balm on the gut area can be helpful as it helps the body perceive a lesser degree of pain. So while waiting it out, or waiting for the effect of the oral medication, use a CBD Oil balm to relieve stomach pain.

4. Cluster headaches and migraines. Some people are used to applying oils, ointments, or balms on their forehead, temples, and neck when they have a headache. CBD Calms can be very useful in relieving migraines and headaches too. Tension and cluster headaches can sometimes be debilitating, and so applying CBD Oil balm on the head, and the nape of the neck can help expedite migraine and headache relief.

5. Chronic pain due to rheumatism, arthritis, and other illnesses characterized by chronic pain. Apply CBD Balm on the area and let it work its way through. Rheumatism pain is relieved as CBD Oil works its ways through the bloodstream. Just apply after several hours as needed.

6. Pain due to neurological illnesses. Some neurological disorders cause musculoskeletal pain. CBD balms can help relieve the pain symptoms and can adequately support the patient to regain mobility somehow.

7. Pain-related to terminal illnesses. Terminal illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis, among others, can cause pain on the patient. Fortunately, CBD balms can effectively help in managing the pain to improve the patient’s quality of life. Rubbing the balm on affected areas does help immediately.

CBD Oil is indeed a perfect pain reliever. But why choose balms instead of capsules, edibles, tinctures, or vapors? Below are some of the advantages of using Cannabidiol Oil Balms:

1. Cannabidiol Oil balms go a long way. A small jar can last for months, even with daily use. As long as it is moderately applied, a person can benefit from its healing power for weeks upon weeks.

2. CBD Balms are non-sticky. Unlike usual balms that may have an icky feeling, CBD Oil Balms are not sticky and do not cause the skin to get oily. It gets easily absorbed too and is not uncomfortable with the feel at all.

3. CBD Balms does not have an unusual smell. Cannabidiol Oil balms do not have a strong scent that could be considered off-putting for some. Some ointments and pain-killing balms can be strong, smelling that it stings the eyes or triggers allergies. CBD balms do not produce any of these discomforts.

4. CBD Balms does not cause eye discomfort. While it is not for application on any part of the eye, CBD balms do not sting when it accidentally meets the eye. It is not mentholated, and will not cause stinging or tearing up.

5. CBD Balms do not produce side effects. No rashes nor irritation, as CBD balms are not made of chemicals. Instead, it is made of plant-based and natural ingredients that do not cause any irritation or untoward body reaction.

CBD Balm is indeed a powerful pain-relieving topical medication.